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7th April, 2001: Scream

Today, the 127 Gaming Network was created! Along with this part of it, the 127 RPG Network. We will be bringing you the latest RPG news, games, screenshots, movies and more from across the world. We update at least once a day, but you can expect to see three or more updates every day! We have information, guides, pictures, music, movies and more on almost every RPG in the world! Just check the "Games" section. Also, for the best RPGs, we have shrines. In these shrines, are everything to do with the RPG in question, a lot more stuff than the "Game" section mini-shrines as well.

Also, I am Scream, the founder of the 127 Gaming Network. Just so you know.

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All content is 100% RPG-Related!

Code of the day:
Brave Fencer Musashi (US) - Joker Code - by Thunder2 
D0078DCA ????

Music of the day:
Xenogears - June Mermaid - Nice.

RPG website of the day:
For all your RPG making needs!

Screenshot of the day:
Alundra - Inventory Screen - Great!

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